The exhibition of Indonesian pearls, fine jewelry sea, some time ago, was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with a variety of formats pearls. There are round, oval, the form of eye drops of water, not uniform (baroque), Mabe (semi-pearl). In addition, there are various colors of pearls present, namely, white, beige, yellow, golden, silver, to a rare form of pink in all sizes, including natural pearls (keshi).
Various sources said that the major producer sea water pearls are Australia, Tahiti, Myanmar and the Philippines. However, recent U.S. surpass them all and became leader of the country exporter pearl sea water. It is not surprising, because in the vast archipelago of Indonesia consists of 17,000 islands, and each island is surrounded by a vast sea.

pearl, silver and gold jewelry

Many resources pearl in Indonesia, including Bali has often called pearl cultivation in small scale. However, it has succeeded to the Lombok pearls more than a decade, and was one of the major pearl producers. Pearl jewelry is the oldest known by people and for several centuries the most expensive price. Pearl is also the only jewelry that they were not known from minerals, but from the organic material that formed naturally. Not surprisingly, pearl remains a key part of the culture of women’s jewelry until now.

Water pearls from the sea (south sea Pearl) is worth up to hundreds of millions of fresh water to the Pearl, which is also quite cheap garnish necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches of silver produced by Nadja Jewelry. Although expensive, with the pearl remains superior simplicity, for party activities and day-to-day, effects not specific but flexible Consistent with the needs of the jewelry depends on the person or users. Habits such as people generally need at this time that jewelry not as a requirement, not also claim to be, still depends on each person.


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    Toko perhiasa yg jual sea water pearl yg bagus di Jakarta dimana yah?

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    Well, Very interesting topic… I will tell my friend and they will like this. Thanks…

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