Your wedding speeches are delivered before your family and guests, yet if you want to make your vows even more intimate and retained for the eternity – immortalize them in your wedding rings. It’s a good idea to have a message engraved in your wedding rings.

Once you’ve decided on doing that, it’s worth good thinking of what to be written. The “golden” rule is to engrave the message that your heart wants to retain forever.

If you are a type of person, who is not afraid to reveal your personal thoughts and feelings, have a word “Forever” engraved. Variations can be “Forever Yours”, “Together Forever”, “Forever and More”. Be it simple and romantic. However, don’t have engraved “Yours truly”. Here is the rings set that is engraved with “Always Be Steel – Always Be Together

engrave wedding rings

Not a bad idea for your wedding rings. The ladies’ ring is featuring a rose gem stone and the men’s ring is set with a blue sapphire. Great combination.

If you are a creative couple, invent your message yourselves, besides, each of you can have something different. Don’t be upset and let them be different. DO NOT PUSH – these are the three words of today. These messages can be love confessions, something sweet, something like… I feel U feel me
engrave wedding rings

Engraved from the inside Stainless Steel to emphasize its quality. Stainless steel jewelry is clean, beautiful, modern, non-hypoallergenic, untarnishable, extremely strong, and comfortable. It’s essentially the perfect jewelry metal and has established itself in the future of high-end jewelry.

Variation of this rings set but with a golden strip:
engrave wedding rings

If you want to help your descendants who, possibly, will be puzzled over the family tree, have your name or initials engraved on your wedding rings. It’s infinitely romantic to add the date as well.

If you and your soul mate have a romantic song meaningful to your love story, why not to have some of its lyrics engraved. Thus you’ll wrap a piece of romance around your fingers.

Are you the types who like to make fun of each other from dawn to dusks? You call each other sweet nicknames? Have them recorded for centuries!

Haven’t you ever tried to write a love verse? If it was good enough, have it engraved on the ring of your spouse.

In short, there cannot be any censorship. You can have engraved any message you want. The only “must” is to put all your love and feelings into it. Just think about it and you will find the proper one.


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