Spring can be a unique opportunity to dump all those people and things you are sick and tired of and, finally, bring yourself to the idea that you are ready to take the world by storm in the summer.
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For this, you should be well armed. As far as fashion trends are concerned (unless you detest fashion and style) armed means informed.

Image makers know that there’s no faster way to make a fashion statement than get yourself noticed. Since in your case it’s not going to be a radical hair color, why not indulge in all the fashion jewelry advantages? It’s an efficient way to make you look a celebrity whenever and wherever you appear.

Well, here are the latest fashion jewelry trends you should definitely be aware of this spring and summer:

These year, fashion jewelry “Oscars” go to yellow gold and blue topaz.

So, the top metal is yellow gold. Hurrah, no other material is so sunny-friendly! Either it’s a necklace, or earrings, or a ring, yellow gold is immaculate in reflecting the sun. Besides, it doesn’t lose color intensity even if being exposed to direct sun rays for a long time.

The supremacy of the yellow gold does not mean exclude white gold or platinum. Fashion trends do not reject them as well, especially for day wear.
jewelry fashion

There is another trend this season – beads. During the past few years designers have created some stunning collections which have caught the buyers’ love at once and become a worthy rival to precious metals and stones. This year, as well as the last year, beaded jewelry is in its highest peak and the sunny summer days are an excellent opportunity to reveal your individuality, creativity and versatility with the bijouterie wide possibilities. So, do it.

jewelry fashion

Since most of our summer wardrobe consists of light and airy stuff, jewelry is destined to be accentuated during the hot days. Thin necklaces, rather than big thick chokers and loose, thin bracelets that don’t cling to your arms are more comfortable.

If you find that your fingers swell up in the summer but you have a favorite ring, or you are married or engaged, I would recommend putting it on a chain and wearing the ring around your neck until the heat passes. Make your decisions right and the summer will be hot for you not only due to the weather.

Don’t be afraid of wearing noticeable chunky jewelry. It’s in this summer season. Preferably made of natural materials such as leather, wood and beads.
jewelry fashion

The summer to come is “multicolored”, and fashion jewelry is no exception. If it isn’t the blue of the topaz, color yourself with pink, yellow or green. These are their great days.

Your legs can star in the summer, so don’t forget to decorate them with a bracelet. It makes them look ever so sexy and yummy!
jewelry fashion

If you decide to cut your hair for the summer, drop earrings, which highlight the neck is a key accessory as well. Or the ones like from the right, made of silver and sea shell.

So, make accents on jewelry, don’t hesitate to choose bright or chunky things if they are in harmony with the rest of your look, combine colors and stones, and be undaunted after the winter monotony. And you’ll see that even the sun can be outshined sometimes.
jewelry fashion

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