Monel also called white steel, monel also more friendly to the sensitive skin, Monel will not change color or rust, despite often INCREASE water , even from personal experience often used monel the color will become increasingly more shiny, Then, what similarities and differences with stainless?, it will not become and will not rust, only stainless steel more soft than monel.

At front of the color stainless steel more shiny than monel only if often affected by water over time and also the shine will gone, it is reversely with monel ,then how does the different rhodium and similarities with monel , Rhodium also does not rust, only over time and also the influence of water or perfume etc., rhodium material will change color to be red, in the early color rhodium is indeed better than monel appearance initially seemed quite dark but don’t worry the monel will shine more and more, after you often using it.

Monel hand made products is done by craftsmen, monel sometimes there are former forging and make it scratch, but don’t worry, you can easily remove the black former forging it, just put your monel at sprite, then the black scratch will gone.

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  1. Ruthie says:

    Learn something new every day – never heard of Monel before!

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