Do you ever heard about the cameos? Cameos are the kind of jewelries which portrays a picture of someone usually it takes form of a girl. Cameos are the jewelries which will give you the classical yet elegant aura when used. Cameos can be made by using the several different materials like the abalone, agate, ivory, coral, bone, or wood.

The cameos that are made of the glasses are the ones that have the better shines of all. But the greatest material to be used in the cameos manufacturing is the plastic. The cameos that are made of the shell called as the shell cameos and usually it only takes the single piece of the shell to carve the shell cameos. There are also the other type of cameos named the coral cameos that use the flat back and the single color. The latest trend in the cameos manufacturing is the Amber Cameos. These cameos usually use the natural amber

Based on the manufacturing process, the cameos can be divided into two types, the molded cameos and the carved cameos. The molded cameos, usually proceeds the glass or the plastic materials while the molded cameos usually take the natural materials as the basic ingredients in the making.


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  1. melissa says:

    I love Cameos, all of them. Mostly though, the vintage variety, shell or agate, and hand made.

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