Hope Diamond is the biggest and the most famous diamond in the world. The infamous beauty appearance of this gem is equaled with the myth and superstition it brings anywhere it go. Many people believe that this precious diamond is cursed that will bring bad luck to everyone possess the diamond. Some even believe that if you touch it, you will also be cursed.
hope diamond

Despite its bad image of damned diamond, the Hope Diamond is very amazing with 45.52 carats weigh. This diamond is classified as a type IIb which means it is semi conductive and phosphoresce. The phosphoresce has a strong red color that will last for several seconds after you expose it to short wave ultra-violet light. The blue color of this diamond it self is from the boron content in the stone.

The color is described as fancy dark grayish-blue by the Gemological Institute of America. There was also an examination by another gemologist using a very sensitive colorimeter that revealed a very slight violet component to the deep blue color that you can’t see through naked eye. This precious gem is now have been donated by the former owner, Harry Winston, Inc to the Smithsonian Institution and become the premier attraction of this museum.

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