jadeJade is one of the uniqueness of China. Usually Jade is used in some rituals, funerals, sacrificial ceremonies and adornments in China. The color is dramatically green. If you read China History, you will find many usage of Jade. Jades are often used to symbolizing rich, power, political prestige and social class. Each of jade can have different quality and color.

But, each of them always have smooth color and have their own style. In Shang Dynasty, are produced in many shapes of gui as symbol of some social class, such as zheng gui for the kings, bunang gui for the dukes, pu bi for the barons, and so on. In this time jade is so rare.

gRace hUtabarat: The figure of jade that have smooth, clear, transparent, mild but solid is often symbolizing the purity of good man’s heart. In Han Dynasty, people produced it with many shapes and full of creativity. Common people also use it for some art ornamental in their house. Now, you can find jades in many gem’s stores. The jades also evolutions from the social class symbol to house ornaments and jewelry. But, the beauty and the character of the green color still have the mystery for China people.

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