pearlPearl is a classic jewelry which has durable time. People started to use pearls from 2000 year ago. You can find some colors of pearls, such as pink, gold, silver, white and cream. If you lucky enough, you can find pearls that have combination of some basic colors. These pearls come from South Sea Oyster and so they were named South Sea pearls. These pearls are produces by the Pinctada maxima, as explained by GIA and CIBJO.

But usually people use the white pearls for necklace or rings. The most famous pearl in the world is Black pearl. People used to say Black Tahitian Pearls also. This pearl are quite rare and have high value, so if you want to have it you have to prepare extra money. Black pearl have different shine compares with the white pearls.

That’s why people always looking for it even though it has expensive price. Black Pearls first found in Tahiti and some place in Pacific island areas. If you are lucky enough, you can find the Black Pearl Oysters in lagoons. But, the fact, people have to dive in deep ocean habitats to find Pinctada margaritifera or Black pearl Oysters. Interesting to collect this pearl?

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