pearls, wedding jewelry, diamond, platinum, : Not like a man, a woman may look at her wedding ring million times or more. A wedding ring not only jewelry for a woman. It also means a symbol of love and prestige fro a husband. That is why if you are planning to marry in near time, you better choose your wedding jewelry wisely. Well, because a woman will very appreciate, if you only choose the best one. Well, diamond is number one choice for wedding rings for the marriage couple, but actually you can choose from many gems, not only diamond.

You can also use pearls. Pearls have many colors and types. It is also enormously popular in bridal jewelry. You can use pearls and your necklace or bracelet. You will look so pretty. Pearl comes from Oyster or clam. It’s occurring very seldom. Some of them have bad quality and some of them have best quality.

Only best quality pearls capable to use as wedding jewelry, because you have to collaborate pearls with platinum or gold. There are some pearls you can use as your wedding jewelry. You can select cultured Freshwater Pearls, Akoya Pearls, South Sea pearls, or even Tahitian pearls (only if you want to were black pearls in your wedding).

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