meenakari, indoan jewelryThe jewelry is provided for almost all the body parts, covering the entire body from head to toe. The woman will wear one set of complete jewelry during her wedding day. It is believed that the bride is incomplete unless she wears every piece of jewelry meant for her. A woman is traditionally gifted jewelry at the time of her wedding. The jewelry is from her parents and her in-laws. Indian people believe that the jewelry is the woman’s safeguard. The unique model blended with the traditional quality and style makes the Indian jewelry being famous for every occasion in all over the world.

And here are some Indian jewelries.


Meenakari jewelry is very famous form of Indian jewelry. It is preferred by the Indian families as traditional jewelry. The art of Meena came to India in the Rajasthan era, in the 16th century. It decorates the metallic surfaces of jewelry with colors or precious stone enameled with gold. The craftsman has to use the most resistance color to be heated, so the resistance color is poured first and the last. After the jewelry cools down, it is polished with agate for glimmer. The famous center for Meenakari are Jaipur, Banaras, Delhi and Udaipur.

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