The Academy Award won’t be that exciting without the red carpet. It is actually not the main show but you can also consider it as the main show because it is something that won’t be missed by everyone’s eyes. Oscar fashion is always interesting to discuss. It’s great to see which actress and actor who can do best with their fashion or do worst with it.

red carpet
One of the actresses who always considered as a best-dresses actress is Queen Latifah. She always knows what kind of dress that will wrap her plus size gorgeously. She never makes a wrong choice and she always looks excellent in her dress although she never try to lose her weight. As well as Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez is also the one who can always impress everyone with her dress. Well yes, she has that adorable body shape, but she always chooses the right dress to make her big butt looks sexier.

But The 2010 Academy Award night is probably the night of Sandra Bullock. She didn’t only win the award for the best actress but also appreciated for her stunning look. She just looks perfect in that champagne-colored gown by Marchesa. She looks sparkling because of that dress as well as her achievement.

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