Dichroic glass pendant with silver bail


If you want to be different and want people around you amazed by your looks, you should wear something different from the other people. Wearing something different like newest clothes model or the latest jewelry products from famous jewelry maker are the examples in having different style.

But, if you think that to do those things will spend most of your money, you should try to do something else to be different like to wear blown glass jewelry instead of metal jewelries like rings or necklaces. This blown glass jewelry will give different accent to the necklace that you wear because the pendant has beautiful color and shapes. If to buy diamond necklace is too expensive for you, to choose blown glass jewelries is a good idea to do.

Dichroic glass pendant

The Blue Lagoon

If you are interested in this blown glass jewelries and want to buy one or two pieces, you can get the glass blowing info and also the products` info from the website of DreamsOfGlass.com. Besides as jewelries, blown glass can also be used for many different products like glass or cups and also accent or accessories for windows. The website is a online store too, so if you are interested in one of the products, you can directly choose and make payment.

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