When you start building a website, you must consider of the ways you will take to introduce your website to other people. Many of them like to take one easiest way of it, which they usually invite their close friends to join in the website, whether they exchange their website links or they ask their friends to visit their website regularly. Visiting a website regularly will reveal a unique visitor which can determine your website visibility throughout the internet. This will define your pagerank, the pagerank for any websites is started from gray, 0 until 10. It is hard even to get pagerank 3, actually. Many people need to maintain their website for more than a year just to get this pagerank.

However, it is not impossible that you can get that pagerank before one year maintaining the blog. Many bloggers show the ways to the beginner, they use free link exchange network to share their websites to other people so that they will get more visitors daily. It is not enough just to register on this network, anyway. You also need to beautify your blog as well as to make specialize so that you will have known the target market of your blog before “selling” it to the free link exchange network.

When you have built a good blog, more and more visitors will be able to find your blog via google, to make it easier for google to save your data in their directory is by making good quality articles to be shared on your blog, it’s also recommended for you to build a simple blog which would not require for great sum of bandwidth to load for the page. Many people always like to visit blogs with simple ideas such as talking about culinary, traveling, or scholars. So, you must be careful of putting some tags for your websites in order to get more visitors daily.

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