Jewelry is the inseparable aspect of the life of human being in any era. There are different favorite jewelries in different era and different civilization, but all of them are the decorative objects often put on woman’s body to make her look more stunning. The value of beauty held by the local society has to be taken into account as well to see what they consider as beauty.

The relativity of beauty is often seen when we see local custom. Karen Tribe, a native tribe in the border of Thai-Myanmar until today holds the belief about the beauty from the length of the coils they wear. The longer the coils they can put to their neck, the more beautiful they are. They are often called as long-neck or giraffe tribe for the long neck they have with more and more brass coils put. The number of the coils is increasing linearly with their age that they wear before puberty. Although considered as the symbol of beauty, this jewelry somehow limits their path. Many of them cannot emigrate or integrate themselves to society for the coils. This eventually leads them to put off the coils to continue their life in the modern world.

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