Charms can add a sophisticated characteristic to various types of jewelry and accessories that we have. If we append a charm with specific shape to our accessories or jewelries, we can convert those plain accessories and jewelries into sophisticated ones. Charms are needed especially if we want to make our own jewelries and accessories more personalized and if we want to give special present to one of our brothers, sisters, relatives, or colleagues. Therefore, if we are musicians, it is recommended that we wear a necklace with piano or guitar-shaped charm appended to it, or if we want to congratulate our sister who has just achieved prestigious achievement in her study, we can give her a bracelet with a chalice or book-shaped charm on it.

Egyptian Pewter Charms

Variation can be found not only in the charm’s shape, but it can also be found in the material from which the charm is made. Therefore, if we visit a charms shop, we can find various charms made from gold, silver and pewter or tin and lead alloy. Gold is considered the most precious material to be used to craft a charm and pewter is considered the cheapest one. However, charms are valued more for its shape than its material. Therefore, if we really want to make a sophisticated charm, we need to make sure that we focus our charm crafting on its shape and not its material. We have to be creative and find the most sophisticated design for the charm shape.

Choosing precious material for the charm is sometimes unnecessary because if we want to design the charm ourselves and we choose precious metal to craft it, our creativity freedom is limited by the preciousness of the material. Most people are really aware that they will hardly be able to craft precious and expensive material freely because whenever they make even a slight mistake, they will make the material considerably depreciated. Therefore pewter charms can be considered the best choice if we want to craft the charm ourselves.

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