If you are going to traverse wildernesses and forests to perform a hiking or hunting, reliable footgear becomes your most important feature. To be able to hike an ascending terrain while bringing a backpack with 40 lbs of minimum weight, you will need to wear a pair of boots with perfect stability and traction and low weight. To be able to hunt deer or other big-games, you will need to wear a pair of boots with the features inherent in hiking boots with the addition of scent-free feature and camouflaged pattern to improve the hiding ability.

In general, hiking and hunting boots are made using rubber sole to enhance its traction against rugged and unlevel terrains and leather upper. However, several alternative materials are often used to enhance specific features of the boots. Gore-Tex material, for example, is used to add waterproof feature to the boots. There are several other materials that are often used for boots’ upper including synthetic material and neoprene. Visiting online boots shops such as Packyourbags Travel Store will give you enough clues in understanding each type of boots.

Hunting and hiking boots with waterproof material are very suitable to be used during colder seasons in winter and spring to prevent the boots from becoming wet while boots with no waterproof feature is preferred to be worn during warmer seasons to increase boots’ breathability. Variation can also be found in the boots’ color. Boots manufacturers usually prioritize style before function in choosing the color of their hiking boots. Therefore, you can find hiking boots with striking colors such as black or brown. Hunting boots, on the other hand, mostly use brown color or camouflaged pattern to maximize cover-up capability. Most boots manufacturers manufacture hiking and hunting boots separately, but some manufacturers, such as Meindl, have started to make a pair of boots which is suitable to be used for both hiking and hunting.

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