tugumuda on January 29th, 2011

We see many beautiful gem bead jewelry pieces, created by numerous jewelry designers – famous to hobbyist. Most of these people are very creative artists in their design, but many of them know little, or nothing, about the materials they are working with, and this can lead to disasters. This series will try to help [...]

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tugumuda on November 21st, 2009

An alexandrite appraisal requires someone with a massive amount of skill, talent, dedication and knowledge. Not any individual that sees a gemstone can appreciate its true value, let alone qualify as an alexandrite appraisal expert. Working with and around jewels does not make someone an alexandrite appraisal expert. The status of appraiser shouldn’t come with [...]

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tugumuda on October 27th, 2009

When you must make a valuable gift to your girlfriend or future wife the most appropriate one will consist of alexandrite jewelry. Natural alexandrite is the gemstone used to make veritable alexandrite jewelry. In this article you can find details about the many qualities of alexandrite jewelry so you can be sure your gift is [...]

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tugumuda on October 27th, 2009

Weddings are really important events for everyone and what better way to celebrate the perfect moments if not by wearing the most amazing alexandrite jewelry? The changing mysterious colors, the noble history and the rareness of the expensive alexandrite make it perfect for a wedding event. The bride would look spectacular and so would any [...]

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tugumuda on May 11th, 2009

tugumuda.com : There are many traditional cultures that still used today, including in wedding jewelry selection. Well, it doesn’t mean that you have to do that, but choosing the right wedding jewelry will give you a strong commitment between the bride and the groom. If you are getting married this summer, perhaps June or July, [...]

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tugumuda on January 2nd, 2009

Some of the most beautiful jewelry is made using semi-precious gem stones. A gem stone is a mineral, a rock or a petrified material that is cut or faceted and polished before it can be used in jewelry.

Some gem stones are fairly rare, such as amazonite, which is a bright green variety of feldspar. [...]

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